Endangered Animal series

During the early days of the 2020 COVID pandemic lockdown, I needed something to occupy my mind and my hands. I had recently purchased an iPad Pro, and decided to practice my drawing skills on the device.

I developed a digital scratchboard technique, and from May 25, 2020 until July 19, 2020, I worked my way through the 61 animals on the World Wildlife Fund endangered species list.

I limited myself to open source or Creative Commons images online for reference. As often as possible, I contacted each photographer to thank them for posting their images online, and to share my series with them. This work would not have been possible without the generosity of these photographers.

Sets of these drawings were featured on the Adobe Fresco Behance page on June 20, 2020, July 5, 2020, and July 30, 2020. To see the series on my Behance page, click here.

For more information about the endangered species on the World Wildlife webpage, click here.

Things I’ve heard, seen, said poster series

In this humorous series, I recycle dialog and comments that I’ve actually heard people say.

Curator Jim Heitzeberg had this to say about an earlier version of this series:

As an observer of culture with a finely tuned ear for language, the artist has compiled a series of comments that he has overheard in a wide variety of circumstances and locations. Mostly humorous, the quotes can also be poignant and sometimes a little sad. Each page is thoughtfully crafted and becomes a self-contained world in which the quote exists and is supported as the circumstances and implications of their utterance are speculated on.

I was awarded a grant from the Levan Center at Bakersfield College and produced printed and framed 35 posters of this work.